Editor’s note: The Troy Daily News ran a story on the front page of the Jan. 22 edition of Remote Possibilities explaining that the guide was to be discontinued the following week and welcoming comments from readers.

To the Editor:

I am writing to voice my opinion concerning the discontinuation of the weekly TV guide.

I was extremely unhappy with your decision, however, I realize your decision has been made and my letter won’t change a thing.

My biggest complaint is, you didn’t ask the opinion of any of your subscribers.

Just like Troy City Council and the U.S. government, you make decisions without asking your subscribers and giving them a chance to say yes or no.

We pay your salary! If it wasn’t for your subscribers, you wouldn’t have a job!

You say you are offering complete TV listings on your website. Did it ever occur to you that not everyone has a computer? I dare say if it did, that it didn’t matter to any of you at all!

I am writing you (Editor Melody Vallieu) and Joshua Byers because I want my complaint to be read so there’s no mistake of my displeasure for your decision.

You took away our Tuesday paper and never asked any of your subscribers their opinion or allowed them to vote for or against. If you had asked my opinion, I would have said get rid of the Sunday paper. There’s not enough in that paper to warrant going out in the cold or heart to get it.

You could have given us Monday-Saturday and put all of the fliers and back then, the TV guide in the Saturday paper and made it worthwhile to go out in the cold or heat to get it.

However, you didn’t ask for my opinion!

That’s what makes me madder than anything else. Not having a say in what concerns me!

What will you take away next? Heloise, Dear Annie, the obituaries?

I pray if you decide to eliminate any of the above I’ve mentioned, you will have the courtesy to ask your subscribers’ opinions.

You took away our daytime listings as well as late night Saturday and Sunday not to mention the cable conversion chart.

Thank you very much.

I realize this is not an earth-shattering problem in light of all the woes in the world, however, it is a point of contention with me!

— Karol Kitchen


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