Trustees reinstates health care reimbursement benefit

By Melanie Yingst - [email protected]

CONCORD TWP. — Concord Township Trustees reinstated the township employee’s health insurance reimbursement plan during their Wednesday meeting. A reimbursement plan had been in place since 1998, but was discontinued due to legal implications in 2016.

Trustee Tom Mercer was not in attendance.

Trustee Bill Whidden said the township was notified in 2015 that the IRS was OK with the reimbursement plan, but the benefits were to be taxed. Later in the year, it was later deemed illegal to offer health insurance reimbursement and the township would be fined $100 per employee per day. In 2016, the township discontinued the benefit.

Whidden shared how a recent President Barack Obama act in December allowed small employees to again offer a health reimbursement plan with caps and rules in place.

Employees must provide documentation for the health care expenses. Trustees Whidden and Pence approved to reinstate the health care insurance reimbursement plan.

“This was a benefit we offered for 17 years and it was taken away last year,” Whidden said. “It didn’t make sense that the Affordable Care Act was essentially punishing small businesses who could not afford to offer health care for their employees who were looking to provide a benefit to help pay for insurance. So I’m very pleased to be able to say that we can now offer this again.”

The trustees made the motion effective Feb. 1 for employees up to $7,500 for families and $3,750 for individuals.

Concord Township trustees also fielded questions from an interested party regarding the township’s buildings on State Route 718 on Wednesday.

Trustee Whidden made a formal motion to have all lease questions and inquiries be forwarded to him as well as act as the township trustee liaison for existing tenants in the future. The motion was passed.

A resident from Greenville asked if he could locate an automobile shop at the township buildings on State Route 718. The property is zoned residential. Whidden said the property is more conducive to storage and office space in respect to the neighborhood. Trustees Whidden and Don Pence said they would stay in touch with the interested party regarding the property use.

Miami County Sheriff’s Office Captain Tom Wheeler also fielded questions about the township’s junk vehicle ordinance. Trustees requested road deputies not refer complaints regarding the ordinance to come to the township office. Road superintendent Neil Rhoades said the township would work with residents on the junk vehicle issues, but preferred complaints be handled by the sheriff’s office to avoid confrontation. Capt. Wheeler said he would suggest road deputies have copies of the ordinance to pass along to those who are not in compliance in the future.

Trustee Pence also had questions regarding the road maintenance issues surround the Phlipot annexation on McKaig Road to the city of Troy. Pence said he would look into the matter with the city and update the trustees at the next meeting.

The next trustee meeting will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday, March 8 at the township building on Horizon West Court.

By Melanie Yingst

[email protected]

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