Duchak best candidate for sheriff

To the Editor:

With all due respect to the others running for sheriff of Miami County, Chief Deputy Dave Duchak is far and away the best candidate for this office.

Being a retired police lieutenant, I have had experience in all areas of law enforcement. I recognize excellence in others. The Miami County Sheriff’s Department is one of the finest there is. A large part of that is due to Chief Deputy Duchak’s supervision and guidance.

I am an active member of the Miami County F.O.P. Lodge No. 58. Of all candidates, Dave Duchak is apparently the only one who feels that regular interaction with police officers, active and retired, from every department in this county is helpful and productive. In nine years of attending F.O.P. events, I have never heard anything but praise for Chief Deputy Duchak.

Please sort through the unfounded and baseless political rhetoric and vote for a proven administrator, Chief Deputy Dave Duchak for Miami County Sheriff.


— Jack Hoekstra


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