Feed the kids, forget the consulting

To the Editor:

I read with interest the article stating Troy Schools wouldn’t be able to continue feeding breakfast and lunch at Kyle and Heywood schools at a cost of somewhere in the vicinity of $45,000. Even though this may be the only food these kids get each day — my thought. The next day I read when Troy Schools is going to pay a consultant $45,000 to decide what to do about our schools. What is wrong with this picture? Why do we need a consultant to tell us what to do when we have a school board to do it? Why do we have a school board? This is more important than feeding hungry students?

Then there is the levy for the recreation department and then the school levy. Let the people who use the golf course pay to keep it up, and as for Treasure Island, I don’t remember being asked my opinion or anyone else I know.

I agree with Hobart Arena and a good field for kids to play ball, but that’s it. If our city government wants Treasure Island, let them pay for it. They decide on everything no matter what we the taxpayers think or want. First you have alcohol at the arena — then last you have alcohol and drugs on school property — or anywhere in the city they wanted to for Treasure Island. I thought these were family venues. All our city government cares about is the almighty dollar — not thinking at all about people on fixed income or some with no income. When are you ever going to start thinking about our children?

Why do we need to be so much better than any city around us? Or, as it was stated in the paper, “separated from the rest of Miami County. Consider our children, who are our future. Teach them of the evils of drugs and alcohol, not that you need them to have a good time. You might be surprised how they feel about alcohol at Treasure Island and the school problem.

I remember Troy used tobe a small, nice town where you felt good about letting your kids be kids. Now it is run by a government that cares more about money and being separated from the rest of Miami County than our kids or anything else. Wake up! Save our kids. Don’t let them go hungry!

— Sally Murphy


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