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Restaurant inspections are performed in the county by Miami County Public Health, except in Piqua, which has its own health department. Miami County Public Health can be reached at (937) 573-3500, by email at info@miamicountyhealth.net or on the website at www.miamicountyhealth.net.

These inspection reports were provided by Miami County Public Health.

March 17

Kroger No. 914, 751 W. Martket St., Troy (Response to complaint) - Complaint: Employee touching bulk cookies (with bare hands) and placing the cookies into plastic containers. Inspection: Management is going to review glove procedures with bakery staff. All ready-to-eat food can not be touched with bare hands, to protect food from contamination.

Dollar General No. 14085, 136 S. Miami Ave., Bradford - Observed acustial tiles in restrooms. Install vinyl clad ceiling tiles in ceiling in restrooms.

March 18

Harrison’s, 106 E. Main St., Tipp City (Follow up) - Underside of shelves found with food splatter. Clean shelves. Equipment fronts and sides unclean with grease debris. Floors in food service and walk-in cooler, especially hard to reach areas. Clean floors. Contact Health Department one replacement work is finalized on floors. Basement area unorganized. Organize all areas and remove any unnecessary items. Restroom door found open. Keep door closed. Opening in side delivery door when closed. Seal after opening. Previously listed violations frmain from Feb. 24. Correct violations within two weeks. Additional time has been granted on these repeat violations but they must be corrected at two week follow-up.

Dollar General No. 10163, 2525 W. Main St., Troy - Stained ceiling tiles in restrooms. Replace tiles. Damaged floor tiles at sink. Open glove boards observed. Contain all rodent stations. Stations must be fully enclosed.

The Olive Oasis, 7 E. Main St., Troy - Establishment in good operation at time of inspection.

Rich Oil No. 6348, 120 N. Miami St., Bradford - Observed freezer holding foods around 30 degrees Farenheit. All frozen foods must be completely frozen to stop bacterial growth. If freezer is not working and the food is thawed the perishable food must be date labeled and used or discard in seven days. Fix freezer or replace immediately. This is a repeat violation, a follow-up inspection be done to ensure compliance.

Kyle Elementary School, 519 S. Plum St., Troy - No violations at time of inspection.

Covington Middle School, 25 Grant St., Covington - No violations at time of inspection.

March 19

Covington Elementary School, 707 Chestnut St., Covington - Ensure fans and vent areas are cleaned of dust residue on surfaces.

March 20

Market Fresh Foods, 301 Troy Pike, Covington (Follow up) - Most items that were to be corrected by today’s date have been done. Two items remain. Utility sink in back room unclean. Clean sink. Continue to repair leak in fountain pipe drain. Observed mice droppings in storage areas. Clean droppings. Collect next time frame of violations by April 5, 2014.

Subway Walmart, 1801 W. Main St., Troy (Response to complaint) - Complaint: In the afternoons, there is a little girl behind the prep line. Inspection: Reviewed food code with person-in-charge. Person-in-charge understands only food employees can be in food prep area, and will not allow children in area.

Miami East High School, 3925 N. State Route 589, Casstown - Food service in good operation at of inspections.

Dollar General No. 9996, 1635 S. Miami St., West Milton - Fix damaged floor near back door storage area. Fix issue. Observed light through back door. Ensure back door is weathertight. Back storage floor must be resealed/rewaxed to have a smooth and cleanable surface. Currently, tile is not properly cleanable.

Dad’s Carryout, 249 Union St., Troy - A straw dispenser is needed for coffee stir straws. To protect clean straws from hard contamination. Ensure quat strips are present to take sanitizer levels in water.

Clark’s Pizza House, LLC, 24 N. High St., Covington - Ensure all pizza boxes are off floor (even if they are wrapped). Ensure 6-inches off floor. Replace floor area that is coming up near sinks. Repair with smooth and easily cleanable in good repair surface. Paper towels holder was empty. Ensure paper towels are present in holder at all times to ensure proper handwashing procedure. Ensure thermometers are present in all coolers. To monitor temperature. Clean bottom of collers of food residual ferquently and properly.

March 21

West Milton Eagles No. 3621, 2270 S. Miami St., West Milton (Response to complaint) - Complaint: Electric off for more than 24 hours; concerned about quality of food. Inspection: Spoke to person-in-charge; he stated that all foods hold around 41 degrees Farenheit or below. The bulk amount of perishable foods were in walk-in freezer. Power was off less than 12 hours.

Troy Christian High School, 700 S. Dorset Road, Troy - Observed ice condensation build-up in freezer (walk-in). Fix.

The Cakery, 1875 W. Main St., Troy - Wiping cloths on counters between uses. Store in sanitizer water between uses. Remove sanitizer rag off clean rack.

Subway West Milton, 695 S. Miami St., West Milton - Sanitizer concentration low in 3-compartment sink - requires immediate attention. Adjust to provide 200 ppm solution. Bottom cabinet area under hard sink unclean. Clean area. Hose under pop machine unclean. Replace out hose. Ensure physical air gap is provided.

March 24

Subway Walmart, 1801 W. Main St., Troy (Follow up) - Person in charge has completed level one food handler certificate.

Chins Ginger Grill, 965 W. Main St., Tipp City - Floor replacement has begun and sections are being replaced at a time. Sanitizer concentration in wiping cloth basket low - requires immediate attention. Provide 50-100 ppm chlorine solution to properly reduce bacteria. Corrected. Floors under wok and bar floors under 3-comp. sink unclean. Clean areas. Opening at bottom of screen door. Seal opening. Cabinet area at pop boxes unclean. Clean area. Continue to work on upgrades/repairs. Improvements have been made.

Chins Ginger Grill, 965 W. Main St., Tipp City (Critical control point inspection) - No critical violations observed at time of inspection.

Brittney’s Cakes, 50 S. Dorset Road, Troy - No violations at time of inspection.

Dollar General No. 2976, 817 N. Market St., Troy - Establishment in good operation at time of inspection.

March 25

The Golden Leaf Gift Shoppe, 128 E. Main St., Tipp City - Observed facility operating as a C3S food service with a C2S license. Informed owner of requirements and upgrades needed to become C3S such as: 1) Preparation refridgerator (commerical and need food equipment agency testing such as NSF). 2) Install food preparation sink by licensed plumber. 3) Install commercial NSF microwave if used for other than personal use. 4) Restroom in seating area must be designated for storage of paint, etc. only unless carpet is removed. Owner reports prep refridgerator will be purchased soon. Email Health District once installed. Limite foods will be offered until license is upgraded. Install vinyl ceiling tiles in prep area.

True North Shell No. 809, 1789 W. Main St., Troy - Observed old mouse droppings in cabinets. Clean properly. Ensure pest control measures are taken at all times.

Tipp City Preschool Learning Center, 1221 W. Main St., Tipp Cty - Dishwasher was not functional at time of inspection. Replace/remove dishwasher. Observed mouse dropping in cabinets and on floor in closet. Deep clean properly. Use a pest control expert for removal if pest is present. Observed cooler not in operation. Fix cooler immediately. Ensure when fixed it must hold 41 degrees or below. Observed residential grill flattop. Only health code approved equipment. Hot holding 135 degrees or greater. Cold holding 41 degrees or below. Cooking 165 degrees or higher.

Dollar General No. 14127, 305 S. Main St., Pleasant Hill - Ensure bottom of milk coolers is cleared/swiped frequently and when needed.

CVS Pharmacy No. 7694, 804 W. Main St., Troy - Observed carpet under freezers. Area under freezers or coolers must be smooth, easily cleanable, and water resistant. Replace surfaces. Replace the pads in the milk cooler more frequently. Observed old absorbent pads in bottom of cooler.

March 26

Tokyo Peking, 3 N. Market St., Troy (Response to complaint) - Complaint: Chicken dish being purchased on March 25 and metal was found in the food. Observed leftover food and observed metal fragment in food which appeared to be a piece from a scratch pad. This is the second complaint on this issue. Last complaint was documented on Dec. 21, 2012. Due to this, facility is no longer permitted to use such scratch pads and must purchase a durable cleaning pad. Will follow-up to determine what is being used.

Sweet by Kristy, 29 E. Main St., Tipp City (Follow up) - New refrigerated case has been installed. Temperatures acceptable at time of inspection.

Newton Local School, 201 N. Long St., Pleasant Hill - Food service in good operation at time of inspection.

Toms Pizza, 690 S. Miami St., West Milton - Date label cold holding perishable food that have been assembled or opened. Use or discard in seven days at 41 degrees Farenheit or below, to limit growth of bacteria in foods. Fix gaskets or coolers that are damaged. Observed cooler gaskets broken.

Tipp City Beverage Dock, 1372 S. County Road 25A, Troy - Clean hard-to-reach areas of debris/build-up on floors. Observed some build-up in/on floor areas around things.

Indian Pizza, 212 N. Main St., Pleasant Hill - Clean ice machine of calcium build-up/residue. Clean properly and when needed. Observed unclean gasket on coolers of doors. Clean frequently and when needed.

Family Dollar No. 2220, 930 W. Main St., Tipp City - Paper towel holder and paper towels (that fit) must be present at handsinks in restrooms. Install properly. Ensure dented cans are removed from shelves and not sold. Watch cans with dents to ensure food safety.

BP 568, 1590 W. Main St., Troy - Establishment in good operation at time of inspection.

March 27

Walgreens No. 07331, 20 W. Market St., Troy - No violations at time of inspection.

Gulf Starfire, 3311 S. County Road 25A, Tipp City - Establishment in good operation at time of inspection.

Van Cleve Elementary School, 617 E. Main St., Troy - Food service is in good operation at time of inspection.

Big Mike’s Gas N Go LLC, 8561 State Route 201, Tipp City - Observed grill items dated beyond seven days. Properly date foods not to exceed seven days to reduce harmful bacteria growth. Requires immediate attention. The facility was very clean and organized.

Arbogast Buick Pontiac, 3540 S. County Road 25A, Troy - Observed limited dry storage space for food service and foods stored under plumbing lines. Observed employee conference/breakroom that has cabinets already installed that are empty. Convert these cabinets into lockable cabinets taht are used for food service.

Dollar General No. 1582, 1931 Covington Ave., Piqua - Fix any physical facility surfaces that are damaged. Examples are tiled floor or back storage are that has damaged walls and cove base.

Carl’s Cruis In, 929 W. Main St., Troy - Clean hard-to-reach areas of build-up residue on floors (example: around things and behind). Fix broken floor tile where needed. Observed damaged tile. Ensure more lighting is available in storage room. Observed dim areas.

Troy Marathon, 801 W. Main St., Troy - Ensure paper towels and soaps are at handsink at all times. Only use handsink as a place to wash hands.

March 28

Tipp City Preschool Learning Center, 1221 W. Main St., Tipp City (Follow up) - Cooler was fixed properly and holding 41 degrees Farenheit or below. Pest issue has been immediately taken care of. A pest control expert has come in and did a full survey of the facility. And is working on prevention.

Ture North Shell No. 809, 1789 W. Main St., Troy (Follow up) - Pest control comes in once a month. Ensure pest control expert monitors and eradicates any future issues. Also ensure establishment monitors facility properly.

Rich Oil No. 1171, 1 W. Broadway St., Covington - Handsink blocked and inaccessible for employees to wash hands. Keep accessible for proper handwashing. Peeling paint on ceiling in same areas. Scrape and repaint area. Floors unclean some areas. Clean floors. Damaged floor tiles in retail area. Replace all areas were damaged and floor missing.

Cold Stone Creamery, 1187 Experiment Farm, Troy - Floors unclean in hard to reach areas and in walk-in freezer. Clean floors. Some bulbs in display case are shatter resistant. Broken floor tiles at rear door. Replace tiles.

Covington Elementary School (Response to complaint) - Complaint: Serving frozen hot dog buns, cold hot dogs, and tomato soup barely warm. Other foods are lukewarm. Inspection: Spoke to person-in-charge; she stated all temperatures are documented and taken (twice) before serving and during.

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