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Restaurant inspections are performed in the county by Miami County Public Health, except in Piqua, which has its own health department. Miami County Public Health can be reached at (937) 573-3500, by email at info@miamicountyhealth.net or on the website at www.miamicountyhealth.net.

These violation reports were provided by Miami County Public Health.

Feb. 14

Tokyo Peking, 3 N. Market St., Troy — Wiping cloths on counters/prep surfaces between uses. Store in sanitizer water between uses. Cut cabbage setting out of temperature control. Keep cold at 41 degrees F or below to reduce harmful bacteria growth. Corrected. Bowl being used to dispense rice. Use scoops or spoons with handles. Employee coat stored on oil boxes. Store coats separate from foods. Observed cabbage prep made from grains, old wood and car jack. Remove such equipment immediately. Only approved equipment made for food is permitted. Cabbage prep being removed at time of inspection.

Feb. 18

Ninos Gas LLC, 503 E. Staunton Rd., Troy — Complaint: The Ohio Investigation Unit found the manager/person-in-charge sleeping in a bed in the walk-in cooler/freezer during an investigation. Also the Ohio Investigative Unit observed cooking equipment and personal food and dishware. Inspection: At time of inspection, this complaint is completely confirmed. Observed a bed and personal items in walk-in cooler. Furthermore, inspector observed personal food and cookware. This part of the inspection confirms that the person-in-charge was living here. Also, the interview with the Ohio Investigative Unit Agent gave full details on what they seen on arrival of person-in-charge being asleep in bed. The inspection also revealed the front section counter area is being remodeled without approval of Public Health Department. The following Ohio Administrative Codes were broken or violated during this inspection: 1) OAC 3717-1-06.1 (S) Private homes and living or sleeping quarters-use prohibition. 2) OAC 3717-1-09 (A) Criteria for reviewing facility layout and equipment specifications. The current/new person-in-charge is removing all items that are present that are needed for living or sleeping in the building. New person-in-charge is not reopening until this is completed. This establishment must have all areas open or unlocked for all future inspection. If future issues occur with refusal to inspection, Public Health will revoke or suspend license under Ohio Revised Code procedures/methods. Under 317.27 ORC, the licensee has the right to fully inspect the food establishment to determine compliance of the food codes. A follow-up inspection will be completed to ensure compliance.

Ording’s Party Time, 810 S. Market St., Troy — Observed car hood in back storage room. Remove unnecessary items. Unlabeled spray bottom of cleaner observed. Label with common name to prevent misuse. Shelving in back storage room unorganized. Organize wood shelving. Remove any unused equipment (fryers,ect.). Outdated marinara sauce in walk-in cooler. Discard foods within seven days to reduce harmful bacteria growth. Correcting. Floors in walk-in cooler (pop) unclean. Clean floors. Fan guards to walk-in cooler unclean. Clean guards. Grease debris on cooking equipment sides and floors observed on equipment unclean. Clean equipment. Observed soups being microwaved in Styrofoam containers. Use bowls made to be microwaved and eliminate Styrofoam. Recommend holding soups hot in warmer. Restoring single use strawberry containers to hold cut berries for pie. Discard containers after initial use. Several foods missing dates / or not properly dated. Date foods not to exceed seven days to reduce harmful bacteria growth.

El Sombrero, 1700 N. County Road 25-A, Troy — Observed food residual oil on equipment surfaces, cooler, freezers, utensils and storage containers/or dispensers. Clean properly and when needed. Ensure all surfaces are cleaned before leaving at night. Ensure all utensils or storage or pans are also cleaned. Observed hard-to-reach/hard-to-clean areas on floor with food build-up. Clean frequently and when needed. Ensure all cleaning is done before leaving at night. Food service floor is damaged in kitchen and bar areas. Fix/repair all floors properly. Observed damaged gaskets on coolers. Fix gaskets properly. Observed no papertowels at one handsink in kitchen. Also observed no soap at handsink in employee restroom. Fix immediately to ensure proper hand washing procedure that will help stop the spread of disease. Observed food not properly holding at 41 degrees F or below. All temperature controlled for safety foods must maintain 41 degrees F or below to limit growth of harmful bacteria. Person-in-charge removed and threw away all foods that were considered a risk. PIC is working on fixing issue. Cooler can not be used until it is fixed and is monitored at proper temperature of 41 degrees F or below.

Fazoli’s, 1887 W. Main St., Troy — Follow-up inspection for prep cooler on food prep line: At time of inspection, the prep cooler was holding at 41 degrees F or below. Food service is monitoring cooler to ensure it is properly operating.

Lincoln Square, 1320 Archer Drive, Troy — Damaged walls in ice machine area. Repair areas. Continue to work on replacing out all cracked pans and lids. Observed salad plates with salad on them stacked. Separate foods and use papers, ect. to separate layers. Continue to work on repairs in dish area and install core molding. Torn gaskets to equipment. Replace. No critical violations at time of inspection.

Feb. 19

Pearson House Restaurant, 28 N. Miami St., West Milton — Observed stripping gel stored with food in storage room. Remove chemical storage from foods to prevent cross contamination. Peeling paint on ceiling in dry storage. Repair area by removing loose paint and repainting surface. Build-up of ice debris in reach-in freezers. Defrost to remove debris. Inside of ovens unclean. Clean ovens. Missing date marking on soups and several foods dated eight days rather than seven. Day of preparation is Day 1. Properly date foods. Unprotected bread in storage room. Protect food from contamination. Floors in hard-to-reach areas unclean. Clean floors Non-shatter resistant light bulb in warmer. Provide proper bulbs. Improper cooling of mashed potatoes at 101 degrees F after three-and-a-half hours. Properly cool hot foods from 135 degrees F to 70 degrees F or below within two hours and from 135 degrees F to 41 degrees F or below within a total of six hours. Voluntarily discarded. Missing cove molding in employee restroom and ice machine area. Install cove molding. Floors in storage room becoming worn and hard to keep clean. Provide flooring finish surfaces that are smooth and easily cleanable. Floors under mats in walk-in cooler dirty. Clean floors. Stripping gel stored with food in storage room. Remove chemicals from foods.

China Garden Buffet, 15 S. Weston Rd., Troy — Replace any broken tile in food service areas. Replace missing baseboard in kitchen area. Sprayer at dishwasher must be above sink bay or have back flow presenter. Fix issue. Fix any roof leak present. Observed water damaged tiles. Fix all water leak issues. Corner near 3-compartment sink area must have all walls resurfaced or fix to be be tight to the wall with the stainless steel. Replace missing thermometer in front coder properly (monitor). Remember to ensure sign is up for sushi, buffet section. This sign states when food (sushi) is placed out it must be used within four hours or it is disposed of. Ensure this time control for safety is properly used. The sushi rolls must be thrown away in four hours to ensure the food is safe.

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