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Mayor Beamish gives his annual state of the city address and will focus on four goals in 2016

By Melanie Yingst - [email protected]

TROY — Mayor Michael Beamish announced his four goals for the city of Troy in his 13th annual “State of the City” address at the Concord Room on Monday.

This year’s address theme is “A Community Moving Forward Together,” which was inspired by Henry Ford’s quote, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

The four goals Beamish shared were to continue to improve effective communication and transparency with the community, strengthen and expand leadership opportunities, upgrade infrastructure and technology and lastly, highlight the city’s downtown, riverfront corridor and the city’s recreation facilities.

“Those four goals are so important to the future of Troy,” Mayor Beamish said.

Mayor Beamish traveled throughout the banquet room noting city and county organizations, businesses and education partners and their positive role and influence in the community.

“What a blessing to have so many people involved and engaged,” Beamish said. “We’re expanding, we’re growing our businesses. That means jobs. In fact, many of the businesses and industries tell us all the time, ‘We are still looking for workers.’ We are working to get a workplace to fill the jobs of tomorrow and isn’t that a great thing.”

In closing, Beamish shared how the community is “blessed by not one person, but by a whole group of all of us gathered together for a common good.”

Beamish also noted the city’s businesses and industry are “growing and sustainable” and offer jobs which have plenty of openings which he said was a “positive problem to have.”

“We obviously have some challenges…challenges are always financial stability,” Beamish said. “By gosh, we are working hard. We have revenue in the bank. We have the top bond rating that you can have for the city our size. We have cash reserves and we are able to do projects and bond them out at the lowest interest rates possible so we are moving forward.”

The annual address is sponsored by Troy Area Chamber of Commerce.

Mayor Beamish gives his annual state of the city address and will focus on four goals in 2016

By Melanie Yingst

[email protected]

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