Troy Police Department reports

Feb. 1

BAD CHECKS: A Collection Manager from Abbey Credit Union came in with six bad checks. This case is pending further investigation.


Responded to Wal-Mart on a suspicious complaint referring to a male who had previously stolen from the store and was in looking at the same type of items he has stolen in the past.

Moments later, the male was seen in his vehicle and pulling away. The reporting party advised the male still had stolen items on him, which were discovered during the search of the subject. The male was also found to not have a valid drivers license. His vehicle was towed, he was cited for failure to reinstate, and incarcerated on theft.

HIT SKIPS: Two separate reports of hit and skip issues were reported in the Kroger parking lot.

Feb. 3

TEXTING AND DRIVING: A patrolman was in a marked patrol vehicle in the parking lot of the Troy Baptist Temple. The patrolman observed an SUV driving west on Staunton Rd. that appeared to be traveling faster than the posted 35 mph speed limit. The radar showed the vehicle to be traveling at 52 mph and the officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop on the vehicle. The officer had activated overhead lights and sounded the siren as the vehicle kept driving. The officer observed that vehicles in front of the SUV were pulling over as the female driver continued driving. The officer also activated the air horn as the driver still did not pull over and eventually stopped in the left hand turn lane of N. Market Street.

The officer exited the cruiser and approached the driver. The officer observed that she was looking down at her phone and appeared to be texting. The officer knocked on the window and the driver appeared to be startled as it was explained that the officer had been trying to stop her and asked that she pull into the adjacent parking lot.

The officer re-approached the driver and asked for her information and asked if she was texting while driving. She quickly admitted that she was and added that she was trying to set up an appointment. The driver was identified as Chelsee Evans and the officer returned to the patrol vehicle to prepare the citation.

Evans was issued a citation for the speed violation and given a verbal warning for texting while operating a vehicle.

JUNK VEHICLE NOTICE: An officer observed a camper trailer and a boat on a trailer in the front and side yards of 907 S. Clay St. The officer found a utility trailer in the back yard of the property. The officer found all had expired plates and were parked on cement blocks in the lawn areas. The officer also noticed there may zoning violations.

The officer called and spoke with planning and zoning employee Duane Puckett and asked him to respond. He advised the trailers parked on the cement blocks were permitted under a prior deal with zoning unless they were removed for 6 months or more. The officer spoke with Brian Imhof about the violations and need for remedy by Feb. 8. He signed the junk vehicle notice.

DISTURBANCE: An officer responded to 505 Crescent Drive apartment 15-J in reference to a disturbance call.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: An officer was called to the area of Lake Street and McKaig Ave for a disorderly male. Found Shawn Henslee intoxicated, transported to UVMC and cited for disorderly.


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