Tipp high school to compete for grants

TIPP CITY — Schools across the Miami Valley continue to face the challenges that come with decreased funding, which in many school systems means that after school extracurricular activities must be discontinued, or that students must pay-to-play.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association estimates that nearly half of all Ohio and Indiana schools will require students to pay a fee of $140 for each sport in which they participate.

As a way to help offset a portion of student fees, Tippecanoe is competing in the McDonald’s High School Grant Challenge, an online bracket-style competition that invites high schools throughout the Miami Valley to compete for one of two McDonald’s Activities Grants.

“This would be a great start to the challenge we face with building a new stadium,” district representatives said.

“The Miami Valley McDonald’s co-op is proud to present this exciting program to high schools in the local Miami Valley area,” said Alan Herzog, McDonald’s owner/operator and co-op president. “We see the benefits that extracurricular activities have on high school students in the communities we live and work in, and providing local schools activities grants that could help continue these programs is important.”

Schools are grouped into two brackets based on the Ohio and Indiana High School Athletic Association’s (OHSAA and IHSAA) divisional breakdown, with Divisions I-III in one bracket and Divisions IV-VII in the other. Also included in these brackets are Indiana Division 6A-4A and division 3A-1A.

Voting will consist of three rounds – round one (three weeks), round two (two weeks) and the final round (one week). The top school in each bracket with the most votes at the end of the contest will win a $10,000 McDonald’s activities grant.

The contest runs from Sept. 19 through Oct. 28.

To vote for Tippecanoe or find more information on the contest, go to highschoolgrantchallenge.com


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