Troy Police Reports

July 8

CARS BROKEN INTO: Residents in the 500 block of Ohio Avenue, 700 and 900 block of Skylark Drive, reported their vehicles were ransacked. Money, electronics, and other items were taken.

DRUG ABUSE: An officer was dispatched to Speedway on N. Market St. in reference to a disorderly subject. A female and male were located. A syringe was found on the female. She was charged with drug abuse instruments.

THEFT: While on patrol, I was dispatched to Meijer on a report of theft. Upon arrival, the Meijer Asset Protection detective had apprehended a female for shoplifting. The female was charged with theft and stolen items were recovered.

July 9

OH DEER: An officer received call in reference to a deer causing damage to a house. The reporting party advised that he didn’t know if the deer had gain entry into the house.

He advised that he observed two deer running down Keller and turned to go back into the cornfield and struck the house breaking the front glass.

The officer went to the address and spoke with Stan Gheen and Rosemary Gheen. Stan was cleaning up the glass from the damaged front window. It appeared the deer had ran into the railing and knocked it loose, then struck the window breaking the glass, then struck the back railing pulling it from the cement. The deer were gone upon arrival.

THEFT: An officer was dispatched to Meijers for a report of two male shoplifters in custody. Upon arrival a report was taken and two citations issued.

July 10

TEXTING WHILE DRIVING: An officer was travelling westbound on W. Main Street directly behind a Silver 2003 Pontiac Sunfire. The officer observed the vehicle cross the intersection of Adams Street and the vehicle’s driver side tires were to the left of the yellow line on the opposite side of the intersection and observed the vehicle continuously weave in its lane. The vehicle also was inconsistent in maintaining a steady speed. The officer initiated a traffic stop on W. Main Street prior to N. Weston Road the vehicle moved to the right and struck the curb. The vehicle then drove forward and turned onto Weston Road.

The officer made contact with the driver, Joshua Michael Justice and explained the violations observed. Joshua told the officer he wasn’t drinking and just got off work. Joshua then told the officer that he had received a text message on his phone and was trying to read it. The officer issued Joshua a verbal warning for the moving violations and issued Joshua a bond sheet and citation for Driving While Texting. Joshua stated he was unaware that it was a law to not be texting. No further action was taken.

DAMAGING: An officer responded to Duke Park for a report of Breaking and Entering and found that the concession stand metal sliding window had been pried open and items appeared to be missing and tampered with inside the stand. There are no suspects or witnesses at this time.

LEAVING THE SCENE: An officer responded to the area of 414 E Canal St. in reference to a hit and run involving a bicycle and a parked automobile (case number 16TR13307). One adult male will be charged with reasonable control and leaving the scene of an accident. The male refused to cooperate and has intentionally avoided me, and I have not been able to locate or find a good address for him. The male will have a warrant issued for his arrest.

July 11

PHONE FOUND: An iPhone was found in the trash can at Wishy Washy on Saturday.

The phone is white and has a dead battery. Officers failed to find phones reported missing matching the description. The phone was put in the property room.

OVERDOSE: An officer responded to 1140 Stephenson Dr. Apt. C in reference to a heroin overdose. One male was transported to UVMC following the incident. The male was charged with drug abuse and child endangering.

July 12

WARRANTS: Officers ran the plates of a registered owner with several warrants. Officers were able to locate and stop the vehicle in the O’Reilly’s Auto Parts parking lot.

The driver was identified as Shawn Dewell. Dispatch then confirmed the warrants through Greene County.Officers then placed Shawn under arrest and secured him in the back of a patrol car and was then transported Shawn to the Miami County Incarceration Facility.

NO LICENSE: While on patrol an officer observed a gray Chevrolet Silverado run the stop sign from Hydraulic Street onto Lincoln Avenue. After several more traffic infractions, the officer pulled the vehicle over and approached the driver and asked the female why she was driving in such a manner. The driver, Christy Cole, stated that she was unfamiliar with the area and did not see the sign. The officer asked her why she was driving so fast as well with no real answer. Cole had no license, the passenger was clear, however, had no license as well.

The officer spoke with the registered owner of the vehicle, Jerri Casey, since Christy stated that Jerri knew she was driving the truck. When speaking with Jerri the officer asked her why she was allowing Christy to drive. Jerri stated that Christy needed to go somewhere with the passenger whose father was ill. The officer advised Jerri that Christy was driving somewhat recklessly and that she was also getting a citation for Wrongful Entrustment. Christy was cited for the Stop Sign and No OL/Failure to Reinstate.

UNDERAGE: Officers were dispatched to the Kroger parking lot on a report of male subjects throwing beer cans from a red Monte Carlo at passersby near the store. Officer found Travis Harris who admitted he “had been drinking all day, with a final drink about an hour before.”

The passenger, 19 year-old Jesse Fry spoke with very slurred speech. Officers saw Fry’s eyes were bloodshot, and the interior of the vehicle smelled strongly of an odor of alcoholic beverages. Fry initially denied drinking alcohol, but later admitted he “drank two beers,” although Fry never told officers what kind of beer container size or brand. Officers later issued Fry a summons for Underage Consumption.

THEFT: An officer was dispatched to 1801 W. Main St. (Walmart) in reference to a theft. Janet M. Tucker was issued a Summons for Theft (M1) and ordered into Miami County Municipal Court.

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