Duke Foundation accepting applications

TROY — The Paul G. Duke Foundation’s Board of Trustees encourages nonprofit organizations in the Miami County area to apply for grants.

The upcoming deadline for submission has been extended from July 1 to Aug. 1, 2016, in recognition of the transition to an online application process.

Current information on eligibility guidelines, application deadlines, and submission of applications to the Duke Foundation can be found at www.paulgdukefoundation.org.

Grants are awarded in spring and fall each year. Organizations seeking support for school-year programs are encouraged to begin the application process in early spring for support of the upcoming academic year; those seeking support for summer programs are encouraged to begin the application process in early summer for the following year’s programming. Organizations with year-round programs may apply in time for either deadline.

The Duke Foundation’s grantmaking efforts focus on programs benefiting children, young adults, and families in the Miami County area. Grants are made in the areas of the arts, education, health, and social services for both general and specific project support, including seed money for innovative programs.

The foundation has frequently made challenge grants for projects to encourage matching gifts or additional funding from other donors. The Paul G. Duke Foundation, a supporting foundation of The Columbus Foundation, was established in 1983. It has a long history of philanthropic support for nonprofit organizations. Paul Duke, Miami County businessman and philanthropist, evolved his local Duke Garden Centers into a national lawn and garden service, Chem-Lawn. The proceeds from the sale of that business enabled Mr. Duke to generously support many community projects and charitable programs, all of which continues to be done through the Duke Foundation.

The Duke Foundation’s Board of Trustees includes Patricia Duke Robinson, President Emeritus; Linda A. Daniel, President; Paul A. Hanke, Esq.; B. Mark Hess, M.D.; William J. McGraw, III, Esq.; and Ronald B. Scott.


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