Plans for bike trail in Riverside Cemetery woods suspended

Trespassers will be cited, says city staff

By Melanie Yingst - [email protected]

TROY — The Riverside Cemetery’s proposed mountain bike project has come to a halt, according to city staff.

In an email to all council members, Police Chief Charles Phelps, Park Superintendent Jeremy Drake and other city staff members, Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington announced the project has been suspended.

During a city council meeting on April 25, several neighborhood members on Nottinghill and Orchard Drive voiced their displeasure of the proposed mountain bike path citing safety concerns.

The Mayor’s Bicycling Committee chairman and council member John Terwilliger met with the residents on April 28 to discuss a proposed compromise.

“We proposed a set back as far as 300 feet away from property lines and those who were against it were opposed to any compromise,” Terwilliger said on Friday.

On May 5, the Mayor’s Bicycling Committee met and decided to suspend the project until further notice. Titterington also noted the meeting with county commissioners to discuss a proposed entrance/exit into the cemetery’s woods was also canceled.

“As a result, after hearing about the neighborhood concerns, we will be posting ‘No Trespassing’ signs along the boundaries of our property to be able to prosecute anyone who trespasses,” said Titterington in the email. “We are doing that not only because of the neighborhood concerns (heroin use, vagrancy, potential backyard encroachment and break-ins, wildlife disturbances, etc.), but also because we have heard of unauthorized camping, bonfires/fire pits, trash piles, etc.”

Titterington said anyone unauthorized to entered the wooded area could be charged with criminal trespassing by Troy Police Department.

Trespassers will be cited, says city staff

By Melanie Yingst

[email protected]

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