Warming the heart

By Anthony Weber

July 15, 2014

Melanie Yingst

Staff Writer

FLETCHER — The cold, sterile environment of a hospital room can be uninviting and scary as a child recovers from an illness and injury.

Hand knotting nearly 80 fleece blankets, several members of the local Girl Scout Troop No. 32210 have been hard at work to help bring a piece of security and warmth to dozens of children who become patients at Dayton Children’s Hospital.

Four incoming freshman at Miami East High School, including Erica Justice, 14, cut, measured and hand-tied almost 80 fleece blankets this week.

Justice said she was inspired by her oldest sister to make the fleece blankets as a Girl Scout group project to earn their Silver Award — the organization’s second highest honor. The team of four girls, including Christine Marlow, Sydni Scott and (not pictured) Kaytee Macy, all 14, each spent more than 50 hours working on the project for the children.

“I thought it would be a cool idea to make them for Dayton Children’s Hospital since they are close to our area,” Justice said.

The Girl Scouts received donations of the fleece material from friends, local churches such as Fletcher United Methodist Church, Boy Scout Troop No. 544 and their friends and classmates at Miami East Junior High.

The team of four each hand-tied almost 80 fleece blankets of various sizes and colors for children who are admitted to Dayton Children’s Hospital.

Marlowe said she enjoys attempting to earn awards like the Silver Award with her troop and was grateful for the donations from the local community.

“We all asked for donations and help from our different families and groups like our churches we all belong to,” Marlowe said.

Scott said she enjoys the people in her troop and the various projects they accomplish together. Scott said her favorite part of Girl Scouts was earning the Bronze Award several years ago for their work with Brukner Nature Center.

Justice, along with troop leaders, Monica Justice and Marcia Kallen, delivered the blankets to the hospital this week.