Police reports

By Melody Vallieu

June 18, 2014

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

June 10

NO THRU TRAFFIC CITATION: A deputy conducted traffic control from a stationary position at the dead-end of N. Church Street in the Village of Pleasant Hill, Ohio. The traffic control was at the request of the village council reference vehicle travel disobeying road closed signs in the village. The village has contracted road construction work and closed N. Main Street (State Route 48) from the north village limits to Monument Street (State Route 718). There are two signs blocking both lanes of travel at the north end of the village. There are two additional signs located on Henry Street at the intersection of N. Main Street. One sign has an additional message indicating “NO THRU TRAFFIC”. The deputy observed from a stationary position a grey SUV traveling southbound on State Route 48. It entered the village limits on N. Main Street (State Route 48) and drove around the first two road closed signs. The vehicle then turned onto Henry Street and drove around two more road closed signs and the sign indicating no thru traffic.

The deputy conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and identified the driver as Jennifer Reagan. Jennifer was found to have a failure to re-instate suspended license. She was cited for driving on a closed road and DUS. Sandra Reagan, Jennifer’s mother and passenger, was found to have a valid license and able to drive from the scene.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON: A deputy responded to the listed address reference a suspicious call. The deputy spoke with a resident located in the 8000 block of E. Walnut-Grove Rd., New Carlisle. She stated a male around 50 years-old, standing around 6’0” tall with a pony tail came to her door. He was driving a gold/beige older Chevrolet four door pick up truck. He stated he lived on Dayton Brandt Rd. and was looking for money. He stated his daughter was stuck in Springfield and he was looking for assistance on getting her home. He stated he had attempted to get a hold of the pastor at the closest church but know one was in. The resident stated she advised him she had the pastors number and left him at the door to get the phone. When she returned he was gone. The deputy advised her extra checks would be done in the area.

CAR KEYED: A deputy responded to the 4000 block of N. Rangeline Rd. Greenville Falls, Covington in reference of a car being vandalized. The deputy spoke with the vehicle owner who stated at some point his vehicle had an expletive statement scratched into the side of the rear door. The case is pending.

June 11

PROPERTY DAMAGE: A deputy responded to the 4000 block of Cooper Rd., Covington in reference to a property damage complaint. Upon arrival, a deputy noticed a large amount of land damaged. The land appeared to be damaged by a 4x4 vehicle . Several tire tracks were left in a three hundred and sixty degree angel. The deputy spoke with the property owner who said it was the second time this year his grass has been damaged due to vehicles driving on his property. He went on to say, he does not know who would want to damage his property. The resident also asked that checks in the area be made when possible.

TINKERBELL FOUND: A deputy responded to 130 W. Keller St., Piqua in reference a missing cat. Upon arrival, a deputy spoke with Richard Sharp. Sharp advised his cat has been missing for four days. He also stated, a neighbor notified Sharp that his cat may have been located by another neighbor that posted a missing cat to his Facebook. The neighbor are suppose to live at 121 High St, Piqua. Chad Peoples, posted a found cat on Facebook four days ago. The deputy located Peoples at 121 S. High St., Piqua Peoples advised, he in fact found a cat and has been looking for the owner. Peoples showed the deputy the cat, it was similar to what Sharp described. The deputy took the cat to Sharp for him to identify it. Sharp advised, it was his missing cat Tinkerbell.

DUS: Jason North ran out of gas at the intersection of Martindale and Ginghamsburg Frederick Rd in Monroe Township. North’s vehicle was on the side of the road while he was waiting for gas. Jason stated he was driving home from a doctors appointment and ran out of gas. A deputy ran Jason’s license and found him to be under suspension for OVI. Jason was cited for OVI suspension, the vehicle was removed by his father.

WARRANT SERVED: A deputy observed the defendant’s vehicle was traveling west bound on State Route 36 in the area of Union Shelby Rd. in Springcreek Township, Miami County, Ohio. This vehicle appeared to be traveling at a speed greater than the legal speed limit, which is 55 mph. After visual observation, the radar was activated. A high frequency audio doppler return was heard, which corresponded to the visual estimation and radar speed of 71 mph. The deputy activated emergency lights and stopped the vehicle near Troy-Sidney Rd. The deputy approached the vehicle and spoke with the driver, identified as Michael Bush. The deputy explained the reason for the traffic stop and he stated he knew he was speeding. He seemed very nervous and his hands were shaking. The deputy asked for his driver’s licence and he handed the deputy an ID card. The deputy asked if he had a valid driver’s licence and he stated it was suspended.

The deputy ran Bush’s information through the data system and discovered he had failed to reinstate his driver’s license and he had an active warrant out of Miami County. Once dispatch confirmed the warrant, Bush was placed into custody. While searching his person the deputy asked if there was anything inside the vehicle the deputy needed to know about. He stated there was a marijuana joint in his pack of cigarettes. Bush was placed into the deputy cruiser and located the marijuana cigarette inside the vehicle. The cigarette box containing the marijuana joint were removed and later placed into evidence. The vehicle was searched and no other paraphernalia was located. Bushnell’s Towing arrived on scene and removed the vehicle. Bush was transported to Miami County Jail where he was given a summons on his active warrant. While there he was also given copies of his citations. He was then turned over to Miami County Incarceration Facility. He was charged with possession of marijuana, speed, and failure to reinstate.

OVI: A deputy observed a vehicle traveling west bound on State Route 55 near Stoneyridge in Troy. The vehicle had only one working headlight and turned onto Stoneyridge then onto Imperial Ct. The deputy initiated a stop on the vehicle and made contact with the driver, Jeffrey Clark. At the conclusion of the stop, the driver had a BAC of .202 after submitting a breath sample. He was cited and released.

June 12

HEROIN POSSESSION: A deputy initiated a traffic stop on a brown Chevrolet truck for a marked lanes violation and brake lights violation while traveling westbound on Ross Road at State Route 201, Tipp City. The deputy made contact with the driver, Jason Layne, middle passenger John Bowling and right front passenger, Paul Miller. Layne did not have a valid driver’s license and provided consent to search the vehicle. After further investigation, two syringes containing suspected heroin were recovered from the front right passenger seat and a foil aluminum wrapper was recovered containing heroin as well. Layne was issued a citation with a mandatory court appearance and all subjects were released from the scene to a licensed driver. All evidence was entered into the property room.