‘The Wizard’ to be staged

By Melody Vallieu

March 26, 2014

By Melody Vallieu

City Editor

A little school is again taking on a big production this spring.

School on the Rock, the county’s home school co-op, will bring “The Wizard of Oz” to the stage today, Friday and Saturday.

Taking on a large-scale production such as “The Wizard of Oz,” wasn’t a problem for director Amy Fraley. She said the students have the talent and drive to pull the production off for those in attendance.

“It is a big show to produce! Every year that I’ve directed, I’ve been amazed at the talents and abilities of the kids I’m working with. I love giving them a challenge, assuring them I have every confidence that they can accomplish it, then watching them wow me on the stage,” said Fraley, whose background is in theater. “I also have an amazing team of parent directors, set designers, makeup artists and costumers. We all work together, and every year I’m extremely proud of the kids as they rise to the occasion.”

Fraley said the group of students involved in this year’s play has been great to work with and come together for the good of the production.

“I love this group. They are supportive of each other, and work together well. Each student chose someone to pray for and encourage throughout our musical rehearsals and performance,” said Fraley, who is directing for the third year. “What’s really interesting this year is that some of my main characters have never had a solo or even a line on stage. I am delighted to sit back with our audiences and watch them bring the characters of Oz to life on stage.”

Fraley said School on the Rock has been dedicated to producing a quality theater experience for the students to be involved in each year. They have previously done quite a few shows, such as “The Sound of Music,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Music Man,” “Throwdown on Stage,” “Cinderella,” and “Pollyanna.”

Fraley said in the past, each student had one role to study. But, she said “Wizard’s” biggest challenge has definitely been the casting. Fraley said Ashley Starry, one of the seniors, is playing five different roles this year.

“Many of the students are playing multiple roles. It makes for some crazy drama in the costume room between scenes,” she said.

Fraley is receiving help from Ruth Scott, who has choreographed musicals for the co-op for nine years. Amy Early, a vocalist by profession, has been the vocal director for the last three years and Carol Hacker is the show’s manager.

“Her willingness to take care of all the tedious details this year gave the directors a chance to maximize their creativity,” Fraley said of Hacker.

Performances will begin at 7 p.m. each night and will be held at The Hangar on South Dixie Road, Vandalia.

Tickets are $10 at the door today and Friday and $8 on Saturday.