Come and go with me

By Charlie Huff

March 25, 2014

Each morning I awake, I seek the Lord, and He goes with me where ever I go. I get up early because He said to seek Him when He wakes us up. That is the best time to talk to Him in the quiet and peace of the morning, waking in the darkness, breathing the sweet fresh air, looking into the sky, seeing the stars and the moon, oh, what beauty I see!

Yes, I say come and go with me as I talk to God, and get your eyes off the troubles of the world. Each morning I need to start off with His peace, and I can make it through the day. He has His eye on each one of us, so let’s look to Him. When you get used to walking in the coolness of the morning, you want to do it every day, no matter the weather. When you keep your eyes on Him, the mind will be clear, and the heart will be right.

You ask me why I sing all the time, smile a lot, dance in the stores, and down the street. I do not get upset at what is happening around us. This world is passing away and everything is going to be made brand new. I say come, and go with me because it’s good when I’m walking with friends and family. It’s so good when we can pray together, sing together, and dance our way right into heaven. Wow, just thinking about heaven, I don’t worry about the troubles around me. I sing to the Lord a lot, I even sing to people as I travel around the town.

Sometimes people sing along with me, and then we are having heaven on earth. There is an enemy lurking around trying to destroy us. But greater is He that is within us, then He that’s in the world.

As you read my letters, they are about our God, and to people that I love. Love is the reason I do what I do, because that’s what is inside of me. My cup overflows each day, and I have to share it with you. My life is so good, I truly can say, it’s been the best day of my life each day.

If you seek the Lord, He will show you great and wonderful things, that is, His promises. In order to have peace, we have to do what our instruction book says (the Bible). Now, no matter what I say or what the Bible says, some will not believe. We have got a free will to do as we want to do. Lean not on your own understanding, our thoughts are not His and neither are His ways our ways. He is the Creator and we are the Creation, plain and simple.

No matter how much people try to prove that there is no God, the more He shows up. My eyes are on the God that made me, not what people think. I am made in the image of a holy God, and I was made for His glory. I was made to be a light in this dark world and the enemy is not going to blind my vision of heaven.

If you could have followed me for the past few years, you would know why I do what I do. Yes, some will always look at the negative, but get your eyes off me and get them on Jesus. I don’t want to falter, but I’m still in this world of sin, and I don’t understand all the time. Why does the devil try so hard to destroy us?

Well, we are made in God’s image and he hates God, so he takes it out on us. He is doomed and I know it and I know who I am and where I am going. That’s why I say come, go with me as I travel this highway to heaven. In the twinkling of an eye will be gone from here. I hear people complaining and mad at the weather. There is nothing we can do about wintertime. We can’t change it; we can just go somewhere where it is warm.

I have decided to praise Him in everything. Take one day at a time, sing, pray, laugh, and pretty soon it will be warm outside, and we’ll sing with the beautiful birds. The flowers will show their faces, the animals will come out of their hiding places, and the trees will bare leaves. The sun will shine down on us and we’ll know that life can be beautiful, no matter what. One more time, let me say, come with me and it will be okay. Where there are two or more gathered together in my name, I’ll be there (says God).

Charlie Huff is a Greene County resident and guest columnist.