Oklahoma man brought to MC on 1994 rape case

By Melanie Yingst

March 14, 2014

Melanie Yingst

MIAMI COUNTY —After nearly 20 years on the run, Miami County Sheriff’s Office have detained an Oklahoma City man on a warrant from a child rape case.

Miami County Sheriff’s Office teamed up with the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office investigators and extradited Roger F. Rogers III, 41, of Oklahoma City, Okla. Thursday. Rogers had a warrant out for his arrest a 1994 charge of rape involving an 11 year-old girl in Miami County.

According to Miami County Sheriff’s Office Dave Duchak, Miami County Sheriff’s Office deputies detained Rogers in Oklahoma City on Thursday. He is currently incarcerated at the Miami County Jail.

Duchak said the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office has been investigating old cases such as Rogers and complimented the prosecutor’s team for investigating the 20 year-old case.

“We really must commend the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office for working on these old cases,” Duchak said. “I appreciated the diligent work of Miami County Prosecutor Tony Kendall and his investigation team lead by Jim Taylor.”

Miami County Prosecutor Tony Kendall said when he took office, Miami County had three full file drawers filled warrants from old cases.

Kendall said their search of old cases was aided by a new software program, along with the efforts of law enforcement around the country.

In some old cases, the victim or even the alleged perpetrator may be deceased.

Kendall said in this particular case, the victim was able to be located, as well as the law enforcement officials who handled the case nearly 20 years years ago.

“This one we could find, along with the victim and the investigator of the case, so now we can put him on trial,” Kendall said Friday.

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