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By Colin Foster

March 11, 2014

By Colin Foster

TROY – There are many electronic cigarettes on the market currently.

But those at Jojo Vapes — a Vandalia-based company that held its grand opening in Troy Monday — differ in many ways from the typical name brand e-cigs.

“The battery life is a lot longer, even the smaller batteries here last about four to six hours, whereas the (name brand) e-cigs may only last an hour because you have to keep charging the battery,” said Jojo Vapes owner Steve Looper. “The voltage that goes out of it is much smaller. You can’t take as big as hit — it’s not as satisfying.

“And the big thing here is the flavors,” added Anita Looper, Steve’s wife and mixologist at the store.

Jojo Vapes offers 67 different flavors. Steve said the top three sellers are Watermelon Strawberry, Spearmint Ice and Blue Ox. The store also offers coffee and drink flavors, tobacco and menthol flavors, along with fruit and dessert flavors.

Jojo Vapes is 3,000 square feet. The space includes a vapor lounge and bar with a seating capacity of 60, though Anita explained they hope to put seating outside when the weather gets warmer. Customers are welcome to sit in the lounge and try different vapor flavors for free, or bring food and watch television while smoking their e-cigs, which are available with or without nicotine. Wifi will also soon be available.

The Troy store is the third Jojo Vapes opened in the Dayton area. Jojo Vapes is located at 1741 W. Main St. behind Bob Evans. Dave Looper, Steve’s brother, started the business in Vandalia, and has since expanded to Brookville.

“We had a lot of people that drive from this area to Vandalia,” said Anita on the reasons they decided to bring the store to Troy.

“Sidney, Piqua, Troy is a lot of the business in Vandalia,” Steve added.

The Troy location employees nine currently, but the Looper’s think that number could possibly swell to as high as 20 if business grows.

“If we get as busy as Vandalia, we’re hoping we get as many as 20 to 25 here,” Anita said.

Steve and Anita said they think the Troy store is going to be a really nice fit. The Vandalia location proved to be a nice fit, as the Looper’s said business doubled every month for six consecutive months. Steve said they were looking to open other locations possibly in Huber Heights and Sidney.

During the month of the Strawberry Festival, Jojo Vapes will be strawberry themed. The store will offer a variety of strawberry flavors, including strawberry shortcake and chocolate covered strawberry.

Steve said the target market is people who are looking to replace their cigarette smoking habit with a safer alternative. Though e-cigarettes are not proven to help people quit smoking, the Looper’s said they have heard hundreds of testimonials from customers about their products helping them quit.

One of those customers was at the store Tuesday.

J. Allen, a smoker for 53 years, said he started smoking an e-cig last winter and has never went back to real cigarettes. Allen said he tried to quit smoking 1,000 times over the years, but nothing worked for him until the e-cig.

“Anybody who smokes who wants to quit — honestly wants to quit — and really trusts this, it’ll work. I’m a testimony to that,” said Allen, who smoked up to three packs a day at one point.

Jojo Vapes is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. More information about the store can be found at

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