A quality product

By Colin Foster

February 28, 2014

By Colin Foster

TROY — Locally grown. Chopped daily. Fresh ingredients.

That’s the quality of product customers can expect when they order a dish from the new A Fat Boyz Pizzeria & Coffee Shop.

The restaurant, 1469 S. Market St., opened under new ownership in early November and has since began offering a wide variety of menu items, along with 12 to 15 different coffee products.

“We’ve shown a growth for the last seven weeks. It’s slowly growing every week; we’re seeing new faces and new people coming in every day,” said new owner Roger Walker, who took over for previous owner Jim Hatcher on Nov. 1, 2013. “People who haven’t been here in a while are coming back. I think the word is spreading that were under new ownership and we’ve got a brand new menu.”

“We try to do everything as fresh as possible,” said Fat Boyz chef Gregory Jerome, a graduate from the Walt Disney Culinary School who has been cooking for 27 years.

Gregory, who has ran some pretty high-end establishments in the past, has done banquets for movie stars and rock stars during his time as a chef. But for now, he’s just focused on churning out a quality product day in and day out.

“I’m really just having fun hanging out, making pizzas and cooking some good quality food,” Jerome said.

Gregory, however, is just one of the chefs in the kitchen who brings culinary expertise. Other chefs include Alexander Garmen, Reegan Wenning (prep boy) and executive chef James (Jimmy) Hatcher Jr. — who Walker credited for the wide variety of items on the new menu. Tiffany McCarel is the floor manager.

A Fat Boys Pizzeria & Coffee Shop promises “The best pizza at the best price.”

• To Another Level

For the last four years, Fat Boyz has been about pizza, subs and salads.

Not anymore.

The current menu is 11 pages and features a variety of items — including soups, breakfast dishes, appetizers, french fries and other popular sides, salads, a page-and-a-half full of different burgers and sandwiches, calzones, and, of course, pizza.

“Jimmy’s goal, because he just graduated from culinary school, (was) to show people what he could do,” Walker said. “I didn’t put any restraints on him for creating that big of a menu. Jimmy has created some really good dishes.

“Jimmy has really taken the menu to the next level.”

That menu, however, will be dwindled down in the upcoming months.

“The idea was to kind of take the pizza shop to the next level so we’re not strictly pizza anymore … but the fact of the matter is we’re a pizza shop, we’re always going to be a pizza shop, we always have been a pizza shop,” Walker said.

Walker said his favorite menu item is the Boss Hog Burger — a half pound hamburger made to order with a three-cheese blend.

“I think it’s an exceptional burger; I’d put it up against any other place in town,” he said. “It’s 6 ounces of meat. You make it with the mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, you can add onions if you like them … it’s fantastic and a very juicy burger.”

Walker also raved about the new Breakfast Pizza, the Loaded Potato Skillet and the Apple Betty Pizza — a cinnamon and brown sugar apple pizza, topped with sweet crumb crisp and sweet icing.

A Fat Boyz Pizzeria & Coffee shop is now offering breakfast seven days a week, along with a daily lunch special from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, featuring seven different items.

When asked what separates Fat Boyz from other pizza establishments, Walker said the difference was in quality of the ingredients they work with.

“Our large (pizza) is 16 inches, most others are 14 inches,” Walker explained. “All of our produce is fresh; it comes in from a company in Dayton and we chop it up fresh every day … it doesn’t come in in a bag. All of our home-grown mushrooms are cut fresh. Our tomato sauce is a vine ripe California tomato. It’s a dark sauce that has a little sweeter taste to it, it’s not a real strong tomato taste. The pepperoni and sausage we chose is top of the line. As the pizza is going through the oven, the pepperoni will curl up to get that little bit of grease in the bottom — that’s what you look for.

“I would put our pizza up against anybody in the area. Definitely by far, we are going to be better than the name brand places.”

For more information on A Fat Boyz Pizzzeria & Coffee Shop, visit or like them on Facebook to find out about special offers. To order from Fat Boyz, call (937) 339-6969.

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