Snow removal proving costly

By Anthony Weber

January 22, 2014

By Melanie Yingst

Staff Reporter

TROY — Winter is taking its toll on salt and grit mix supplies in Miami County.

According to Miami County Engineer’s Office chief deputy engineer Britt Havenar, county salt and ice-melt/grit mix supplies will begin to be conserved this week due to heavy demand this winter.

Havenar said $39,000 in overtime has been spent clearing the roads with the county’s 15 plow routes.

The county has used 1,900 tons of salt so far this season. Havenar said the county has 1,300 tons of salt and 800 tons of grit mix left to last the rest of January and Miami County’s unpredictable winter season. Havenar said the county has 1,000 tons of salt on order, but will begin to ration its supply to last the rest of the season this week.

“We’re not as bad as other areas,” Havenar said in terms of supply.

“Obviously, it’s hard to predict the weather,” he said.

City of Troy officials are hoping spring will come early to prolong the city’s supply of road salt.

On Tuesday, city of Troy’s Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington said more than 900 tons of salt has been used to thaw city streets so far this winter.

“We’ve spent $75,000 of regular and overtime,” Titterington reported to city council.

Councilman Tom Kendall asked if the city had an ample supply to meet the demand.

Titterington assured Kendall another order of salt and road mix is on order.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Troy resident Lester Conard addressed city council and pointed out that if the city has spent $75,000 on clearing streets and sidewalks, why wasn’t the sidewalk cleared in front of City Hall.

“The side streets are ridiculously bad,” Conard said Tuesday. “For us citizens, we sure have a rough way of getting in and out to the main roads.”

The city’s snow removal policy is posted on the city’s website.

The policy states: It is the policy of the city of Troy that, when possible during a snow event, all primary and secondary streets, as well as those roads within a 1 block radius of a school, shall be plowed and/or salted (depending on the type of snow event) at the earliest available time, either on during regular hours or on overtime. All other roadways and access points shall be plowed and/or salted during regular hours only, unless exceptional circumstances warrant emergency measures, as determined by the drector of public service and safety, in consultation with and concurrence by the mayor.

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