All in the family

By Colin Foster

December 20, 2013

By Colin Foster

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It takes the entire family to keep the Hahn Tree Farm going strong.

Troy Hahn, his wife Kelly and even their 11-month-old son Ryan all pitch in around the farm.

“When I say he (Ryan) helps out, I mean he sits in his saucer and passes out candy canes or sometimes holds on to them,” Troy joked.

The business is now in its second generation. Troy’s father, Gary, who passed away in 2001, started the farm in 1985. Troy said they’ve had some great customers and memories on the farm, while business has kind of fluctuated throughout the years.

According to Troy, their tree farm, located at 4880 Monroe Concord Rd. in Troy, was launched in the 1980s because there was a lot of room to profit off trees back then. While some people have turned away from the tradition of going out and getting a real Christmas tree in favor of artificial trees, the Hahn Tree Farm has still been successful.

“Our big boom peak was from 2000-04, then we saw a slow decline,” Troy said. “Since 2009, each year up to now our business has improved.”

And even though the National Christmas Tree Association said sales at tree farms would be down this year nationally, the Hahn farm sales went up 21-percent compared to last year.

“This past summer was probably the most perfect year for trees ever,” Troy said.

Troy credited the perfect blend of precipitation and weather patterns in this part of the country for allowing their business to go up this holiday season.

Troy said he hopes the tree business can be run by the third generation of the Hahn family one day. It’s been a business that he and his family have enjoyed running — and they’ve met a lot of good people along the journey.

“We’re definitely going to continue forward,” Troy said. “We enjoy the regular customers that come out every year, and we love greeting new ones. We love to see families come out and help them on their search for the perfect tree. The people of Miami County are great. We’ve had a lot of great families come out here.”

Trees of all types and sizes are sold for $35. For any additional information, contact the Hahn family at (937) 698-5284.