What to put in place of the old Hobart factory

A number of my old friends returned to town last week for a class reunion.Boy, did they get a shock when they drive down Main Street.Various implements of destruction are hard at work on Main Street demolishing the old Hobart Brothers factory. If you haven’t lived in Troy long, it’s probably seems like this is just getting rid of an old building that no longer has any real use. If you are my age, though, and grew up here, that building is as much a part of Tr...

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The President and Congress should work together

In his speech last week outlining his plans to use military force against the jihadists of the Islamic State, President Obama gave Congress only passing mention. “I have the authority to address the threat from ISIL,” he said. “But I believe we are strongest as a nation when the president and Congress work together.”He’s right, of course. But that’s not the half of it.We live in troubled times, and over the last decade or two our milit...

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Better behavior equals better retirement

What kind of retirement do you think you’ll have? An outstanding one? A depressing one? What if it all starts with your outlook? Qualitatively speaking, what if the success or failure of your retirement begins with your perception of retirement?A whole field of study has emerged on the psychology of saving, spending and investing: behavioral finance. Since retirement saving is a behavior (and since other behaviors influence it), it is worth considering ways to adjust behavior...

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Promoting college fire safety

September marks the beginning of a new school year, the start of football season and cooler weather, but more importantly, it’s Campus Fire Safety Month. Last month, I introduced Senate Bill 359 which addresses the very real need for improved fire safety measures in off-campus and rental homes.

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The need-to-know about the enterovirus

Editor’s note: This guest column was sent in as a response to staff writer Allison Gallagher’s story about the prevalence of the enterovirus respiratory illness in children in Ohio.This fall, one virus in particular is sending children to the hospital with severe respiratory illness.

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Protect our endangered species

One hundred years ago, Americans across the eastern United States could have looked up into the sky and seen it filled with passenger pigeons. Their flocks numbered in the billions and could turn day into night. Now they are extinct, the victim of overhunting and habitat destruction.The loss of this species is one of the greatest examples of what can happen if we are not committed to conserving our wildlife. We must learn from their example, and work to ensure that species such as ...

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Ohio needs clean water

Earlier this month, I visited Put-in-Bay to tour The Ohio State University’s Stone Laboratory. I met with Stone Lab scientists and accompanied them as they collected water samples of Lake Erie to better understand the rise in toxic algal blooms.A high level of phosphorous in the lake is a contributing factor to the algal blooms, and I’ve recently announced funds to help farmers implement conservation practices that reduce phosphorous runoff into the lake. But we must ad...

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Court doesn’t reward frivolous conduct

When the Madison County Board of Commissioners (“the Board”) filed an appropriation action against Greg Bell and his wife to acquire a sewer easement on Bell’s property, the Bells decided to fight the action.Since then, Bell – along with his attorney, Philip Wayne Cramer – has been a party to numerous court proceedings. Following that path, Bell and Cramer ultimately came before us – the Ohio Supreme Court. The issue we reviewed, however, wasn...

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Commercials that make me want to NOT buy their product

My friend Rex prefaces all of his disquieting statements (which is to say, all of his statements) with the phrase, “I don’t mean this bad, but…” You’ve heard of pre-paid phone cards and pre-arranged marriages? This is sort of like a pre-confession; he’s asking for absolution in advance. If history is any indicator, when Rex begins, “I don’t mean this bad” you are about to hear a criticism that is equal parts hilarious and horrifying.

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Stopping rape on college campuses

Last year the president signed the third reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. The act provides increased funding to help in the treatment and protection of rape victims as well as providing funds for rape sensitivity training to police. The desire to end rape culture has become a hallmark of the Obama administration. Now senators and house of representative members are contributing to the cause with multiple new bills being constructed and pushed through to help in the treatment...

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Government openness is important

One of the fundamental lessons of the 9/11 tragedy was that our government carried a share of blame for the failure to stop the attacks. Not because it was asleep at the switch or ignorant of the dangers that Al Qaeda posed, but because the agencies charged with our safety did not share what they knew, either up and down the chain of command or with each other. The attacks were preventable with shared information.

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Obama’s immigration red line

No one will ever mistake President Barack Obama for Lyndon Johnson, the master legislator as president. He doesn’t really do congressional schmoozing or arm-twisting. Compromise and deal-cutting are beneath him. Once he lost the Democratic supermajorities of 2009-2010 and the power to push things through Congress by sheer brute force, his legislating essentially came to an end.So perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that even the niceties of unilateral lawmaking are beyon...

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You can be “ProActiv”; I’m making peace

A lot of my college girlfriends blog on the website, and I have a blog of my own I need to be better at updating. Since we’re all 21 or 22 and either in our final year of college, starting big girl jobs or going to grad school, a lot of the recurring topics include coming to terms with and adjusting to the adult world, with all of its adult nuances.One of my friends, Jenn, is in graduate school now and had an excellent post I read earlier this week about weight,...

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Surviving suicide: From a mental hospital to the Emmys

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. For me, suicide awareness is personal, because I have lost two family members and almost died myself by suicide as a troubled teenager.That’s why in August, while folks were freely expressing their opinions about the tragic death of actor Robins Williams, the inappropriate comments made it painfully obvious that our nation still understands little about the complex reasons behind suicide. As in Mr. Williams’ case, suicide ...

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We need to change our energy strategy

It’s filling up at the gas pump and watching the numbers climb to more than $40 for a tank of gas, or it’s a trip to the grocery store where the packaging seems to be shrinking but price tags are growing higher and higher.While we’re seeing a lot of growth here in Ohio, the trouble is, we’re paying more for the things we need under the president’s policies, “further constraining family budgets…still reeling from a stagnant economy,” a...

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